CAG has produced two CDs in the last several years. Each one has its own flavor and represents the group members who were with us at the time.

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The A Cappella Problem was our first CD and includes our livelier doo-wop and rock favorites. We also included our own, near-impossible takes on rock songs such as "Walking in Your Footsteps" and "Come Together."

Here are some sample mp3s:

Come Together
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Summer in Tucson
Walking in Your Footsteps
Zombie Jamboree

Complete song list.


In 2001 we ventured in a new direction with This New Place, with new members and the excitement of singing the soul and R&B that we love. We included smooth and tasty gems, but we also sang our fool heads off on a few!

Here are some sample mp3s:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Crazy Love
Grazing in the Grass

Haven't Found a Way

Complete song list. And outtakes...!