Since 1993 over 2 dozen people have sung with Catacoustic Groove. Every one helped shape our sound. Here's a list of former members, and current members in Column 3...we think we have everyone, but if we forgot somebody, please email us and we'll fix it!


Andy Squire
Paul Mayhew
Elik Bramlett
Kevin Zimmerman
Andrew Rutherford
Jordan Brown
Kelby Thwaites
Scott Sandstrom
Ray ... ?

Brian Molina
Steve Hutchings
Danielle Malka
Mike Twineham
Mike Scionti
Scott Poole
Ryan Langner
Nod Nottingham
Steve Yializis

Erik Herman
Harold Russell
Michael Craig
Jay Lehman
Bruce Bayly
Mike Zecchino
Dave Zientara