Our Name (is Catacoustic Groove). It's a little hard to remember, but it's catchy once you get used to it. Here's the story: Erik received the lightning bolt of inspiration back when the group was called "The Atmospheres." If you ask what our name means, we'll say,"Cat, as in, 'We're all cool cats.' Acoustic, as in, 'We make sound.' And groove, as in, 'We groooooove.'"

But despite that simple explanation, people still fumble with our name. And so we have performed under the following titles over the years:



The Grooves

The Catacoustics

Catacoustic Grove

Catatonic Groove

Catastrophic Groove

Jay Lehman and His Catacoustics

Erik Herman and his Quartet

Harald and Friends

Nod and the Serious Caucasians


Jay and the Jay-Tones

The Catakistics

The Catalystics

Autistic Groove

Cata Cata What?